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Apr 25, 2007

ActBlue Travels to Texas

Texasblue This weekend ActBlue traveled to Texas! Native land to one of the staff (Karl-Thomas), ActBlue political director Erin Hill joined in on these southern travels as a trainer for Democracy for America's Training Academy program. Erin presented Online Fundraising sessions, explaining how to integrate it into your entire campaign structure. This is our first time working with DFA as part of their nationwide traveling academy but look forward to providing materials and working with them in the future.

Erintraining While at the training, it was evident that Texans were looking to apply their skills to defeat Republican U.S. Senator John Cornyn in 2008. We've seen the state's bloggers continue to raise funds for the eventual Democratic Nominee using the Texas ActBlue Senate nominee fund which is just one way to aid in accomplishing that goal.


Many thanks to Erin and Karl-Thomas for their great presentations at the training!

Fran Vincent
Democracy for Texas

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