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Mar 20, 2012

2012 Numbers: Fab February

ActBlue doesn't shut down after the election. We keep working to bring more and more people into the political fundraising process year in and year out. We get that a lot of our work is invisible during down times, but it pays off when the political cycle heats up.

February is a short month and it doesn't bump up against an end of quarter deadline. Last year was bigger than expected because of the initial fundraising reaction to Gov. Scott Walker's (R-WI) union-busting effort. But our slow-and-steady work has led to a February 2012 total more than twice the size of 2011, with nearly three times as many committees receiving money. That's the sort of big, broad base that we're trying to build, and we're thrilled to see it working.

Number of contributions 110,354
Total raised $5,087,728.20
Average Contribution size $46.10
Committees receiving money 1,340

February in context:

Feb 2008Feb 2011Feb 2012Change
Contributions 17,538 34,496 110,354 220%
Volume ($) $1,879,868.94 $2,228,051.55 $5,087,728.20 128%
Mean Donation $107.19 $64.59 $46.10 -29%
Committees 600 561 1,340 140%

Here are the five top committees, by number of donors, for February 2012.

Name Race Donors Dollars
DCCC Party Committee 28,942 $763,847
Democratic Party of Wisconsin Party Committee 9,288 $166,872
Democracy for America Organization 7,688 $156,479
Elizabeth Warren MA-Sen 6,559 $344,854
PCCC Organization 6,237 $51,762


I participate in politics online, and one of my daily routines is to use Yahoo Answers /Cultures and Groups/Seniors. A question yesterday was "What Happened to all the '60's Hippies? I thought they were all liberals! Now they're all conservatives!" At the beginning of my answer, I asked How do you think Obama got elected? and that we don't debate; we vote.

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