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Aug 28, 2012

2012 Numbers: $8m in July

Not only are the July numbers strong, they reflect how broad ActBlue has become. While the top 5 recipients make up a significant portion of July's volume (~$4.5m) that leaves another ~$4m that flowing through ActBlue to smaller candidates, committees and causes. It's evidence of the broad base of support that ActBlue represents, one that is changing the way people raise money. It couldn't be more timely. And now, the numbers:

Number of contributions 200,247
Total raised $8,346,045.09
Average Contribution size $41.68
Committees receiving money 1,836

Here's what July 2012 looks like compared to July 2011 and 2008 (last presidential election year). Percentage change is year over year:

July 2008July 2011July 2012Change
Contributions 19,906 66,746 200,247 200%
Volume ($) $2,565,814.49 $2,678,159.69 $8,346,045.09 212%
Mean Donation $128.90 $40.12 $41.68 4%
Committees 1,043 861 1,836 113%

Here are the five top committees, by number of donors, for July 2012.

Name Race Donors Dollars
DCCC Party Committee 85,045 $2,695,553
DSCC Party Committee 31,359 $1,319,036
Elizabeth Warren MA-Sen 11,798 $241,687
Democracy for America Organization 8,575 $198,614
PCCC Organization 8,376 $119,989


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I just responded to your ACT Blue membership drive and ordered a T-shirt and bumpersticker supporting Elizabeth Warren...however, I will not be completing the monthly donation part of the membership for the very fear of what happened when I gave my credit card charged me $50.00 when the order plus the tip of $10.00 added up to $40.00. A mistake, a computer error, maybe, inexcusable
certainly, when you are a 74 year old military widow
living on a fixed income, that kind of a mistake could mean eating or not for me. I urge you to correct this error for me or consider this my last communication with ActBlue and the last of my support for this type of Pact or Pack or whatever you are calling this these days.
Barbara Moore

I joined the ActBlue and ordered a t-shirt and Bumper sticker and added a ten dollar tip(total $40.00) and
gave you my credit card number then you over
charged my credit card for $50.00. This is not acceptable, and it must be corrected at once or
I will cancel the charge tomorrow. And cancel the
membership in ActBlue. A good idea I think,but badly managed to date.
Barbara Moore

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